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Anointing Oils (Various Options)
Anointing Oils (Various Options)
Anointing Oils (Various Options)
Anointing Oils (Various Options)
Anointing Oils (Various Options)

Anointing Oils (Various Options)

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The ritual act of anointing helps one to solidify an intention through an olfactory experience. Tenth Muse anointing oils are made with three specifically chosen oils that work in unison to help set an intention, imagine goals, focus on dreams or desires, or to create a sacred space during meditation. Use for meditations, celebrations, athletic or artistic performances or to simply start your day in the right space. 

Anointing Oil 1: Agarwood, Rose, Peppermint 
Use to help focus your intentions with intuition and compassion 
Agarwood: neutralizes negative energy and emotions, euphorically relaxing, helps to realize the desires of the soul, psychoactive, calms the mind and allows one to connect to the source of all being. 
Rose: compassion for ones self and healing old wounds, restoring and encouraging he heart too fully and openly accept and give love. 
Peppermint: Stimulates the conscious mind and helps to release negative thoughts, helps bolster emotional tolerance. 

Anointing Oil 2: Myrrh, Cardamom, Vanilla
Use to help one come back to their true self and manifest one's desires
Myrrh: instills a sense of tranquility, unites the physical with the spiritual, slows an overactive mind, allows the soul'd desires to be unlocked and realized. 
Cardamom: calms the bind from overthinking, integration to the earth and increases our "appetite" for all it has to offer in the here and now
Vanilla: strengthens emotions, relaxes the spirit, sensual 

Anointing Oil 3: Vetiver, Turmeric, Cypress
Use to help ground, center, and clear the way for new beginnings 
Vetiver: grounds one to their essential self, helps to restore confidence in oneself, nourishes
Tumeric: transcends the physical, helps to heal the root of what ails us, clearing the way for new beginnings to manifest
Cypress: aids in psychological transformation, unearths the fears that block change