Michael Sofa
Michael Sofa

Michael Sofa

Available In-Store Only

Solid, stable, strong, but light on his feet and quick with an invitation to relax; Michael is our kind of guy. The long, uninterrupted seat creates an expansive look while the tufted back adds a little dash of eye candy. And when you’re ready to kick back and relax, the generously proportioned ottoman is ready for you.

88" L x 35" W x 34" H


From the manufacturer:

Family Owned - Founded by Mike Younger in 1989, our company is now in its second generation of family leadership, as Mike’s children work to carry his legacy forward. Our vision is to always remain a stable, reliable, and positive force in the lives of our community and the people who choose to work with us.

Each one of our pieces is hand-built by one craftsman, for one customer, one at a time. At each step, with each staple, nail, and stitch, we take care to create furniture that fulfills your vision for your home.

Everything that goes into our hand-build furniture is sourced within 85 miles of our factory. Our 7” and 2” wooden legs are available in five finishes. Our 7" metal legs are available in a black or brushed metal finish. Our hundreds of fabric and leather upholstery options are sourced from around the world.