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Jewett and Barbara Benson reside in Alexandria Minnesota.
Jewett Benson first got the idea to write a book when he was reading to his then-2-year-old granddaughter, Eve.

"When she was a little girl she was very verbal," Benson said. "She loved the alphabet, loved alphabet books, and I must have read 'A is for ant, B is for bear' many, many times.

"I started thinking, 'Maybe we could (use) some more interesting words," he said.
Now, 18 years later, Benson and his wife, Barbara, have published "A is for Aeronaut: Eve's Alphabetical Quest," which they wrote together and which Jewett — who taught art for more than 30 years in Alexandria — illustrated.
"Eve is autistic, and we dedicated part of the book to all the teachers that helped her on her journey," Benson said.

Using words like bathysphere, hyperbole, quandary and tintinnabulation, the book uses illustrations of Eve to help depict the definitions.
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A IS FOR AERONAUT: Eve's Alphabetical Quest
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