Bright Peg People (Set of 5)

Bright Peg People (Set of 5)

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Looking for a heirloom toy to pass from child to child? Our brightly coloured peg people will be a hit throughout the years! Children can use the pegs to practice grasping, imaginary/ role play, and even learn their first colours.

The peg people from our Basics Collection encourage open-ended play and imagination. 

Activities to Try:

- Try adding your peg people to a sensory bin!

- Gather objects around the house that correspond to the colour of each peg doll, and practice colour matching.

- Use the peg people in a dollhouse or try other small world play!

Size Guide:

- Each peg person measures 3.5 inches tall. This product meets the guidelines of the Canadian Hazardous Products regulations for children under the age of three.*

What's included:

- Five peg people in five colours: coral, orange, yellow, mint, and blue

- Cotton muslin drawstring bag for storage

* Product is not recommended for mouthing. Parent supervision is encouraged during play with this product.