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Make A Move

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We make thousands of decisions each day, and while most of them are simple and relatively easy, many of us get stuck in the larger, life-altering decisions. This can lead to frustration, anxiety, and confusion. “It would be so much easier if life just came with a road map!” But life doesn’t work like that–it’s full of twists and turns, the unexpected and the unforeseen. And yet, the uncertainty of life also brings adventure and exploration, surprises and wonder.

In Make a Move, pastor and coach Stephanie Williams O’Brien offers practical advice and action steps for moving through the experiments of life. These steps help us narrow down the choices when it seems like the options are endless, and allow us to discern God’s leadership in a way we never could while standing still.

It’s time to move from a disoriented life to a life of direction and intention. It’s time to make a move!

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About the Author:

Pastor Stephanie Williams O’Brien is the Lead Pastor at Mill City Church in Northeast Minneapolis. She is also a professor of ministry at Bethel University and Seminary in St. Paul, MN. Stephanie has opportunities to coach leaders around the world through speaking, developing resources and her podcast Lead Stories with her friend Jo Saxton. She is a sought after leadership coach, helping women and men to be intentional with their influence in all aspects of their lives. Pastor Steph is passionate about communities and individuals participating in the mission of God to the world. Her first book was released in the fall of 2019 – Stay Curious: How Questions and Doubts Can Save Your Faith. Her latest book is Make A Move: How to Stop Wavering And Make Decisions in a Disorienting World. Connect with Pastor Steph at:

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