Warrior Woman Art Prints (11x14)
Warrior Woman Art Prints (11x14)

Warrior Woman Art Prints (11x14)

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Size: 11X14”
Material: Smooth White Heavy Archival Paper
Process: Full-Color
Colors: Watercolor Variety
Packaging: Clear & sealed sleeve

“We can be warriors.
We can be soft and still have the
Strength to move mountains.
We can feel things greatly and yet not be undone.
We can be seen and heard and loved.
We can be tender with each other
And we can show up for one another.
We are human
And even with all of our broken pieces
We are whole.”

Words & Art by Christina


From the maker:

I work with a printer in Minnesota that is committed to environmental protection and stewardship, uses sustainable products and practices, and is a fair-labor, equal opportunity employer. They are ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certified and received the 2020 Gold Sustainable Business Recognition Award from SGIA.

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