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The twistery: Hello! My name is Macey and I am an 18 year old macrame artist! I learned how to macrame in March of 2020, when the quarantine lockdown first began and I had to re-learn how to find new hobbies. At the time, I had a sea of plants in my small bedroom (over 30) and I finally decided to learn how to make some plant hangers! After a quick trip to the craft store (with some low-quality supplies), a few YouTube videos, and a struggle to cut the right amount of cord, I finally made my first three plant hangers that still decorate my home today. I immediately fell in love with the process of creating, and got to work experimenting with various plant hangers and wall hangings. Because I had run a family member's shop and IG for nearly three years at that point, it seemed obvious to me that I would start my own shop. Then started The Twistery in the form of an Etsy shop and small Instagram account! One year later, I have my very own website, over 11,000 followers, I sell in countless different stores, and I got to be a part of a handful of super awesome markets this summer! Before the pandemic, my plan was to be a preschool teacher. This hobby turned business has seriously changed my life and I now look into the next years with new plans as an artist. It blows my mind that this has turned out so well and I'm so thankful for every form of support. Incredible.
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