Tiny Rainbow Studs (Assorted Colors)
Tiny Rainbow Studs (Assorted Colors)
Tiny Rainbow Studs (Assorted Colors)

Tiny Rainbow Studs (Assorted Colors)

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Made in United States of America
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Sara Kharatyan's collection of modern porcelain jewelry. Created in 2017, the brand is designed to complement any wardrobe with statement pieces ranging from unique and colorful to simple and classic. Each piece is handmade by Sara in her home studio. The porcelain is cut, dried, and smoothed. Then, each piece is hand painted with a variety of glazes in several layers before being fired. Real 22k gold luster accents are then added before a second firing. Sara then assembles and packages each piece so of jewelry.

Sara is based in Kansas City, Missouri and works as an elementary school art teacher outside of the studio. She is also a wife and mother to two boys. She is a one-woman business.

Porcelain is a light-weight and durable ceramic, but it is breakable. Pieces should be handled and displayed with care, and customers should be advised to treat their new jewelry as they would any other ceramic ware, taking caution not to drop it on hard surfaces.

All posts are stainless steel, and hardware is raw brass. Raw brass will patina over time, but can be polished easily.